Psi Chi is proud to provide the tutoring program for the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences.

If you are struggling in a Psychology or Neuroscience course, we will put you in contact with a fellow undergraduate who has taken the same class. Our tutors may only help with those classes in which they received an A. This ensures that students requesting a tutor receive nothing but the highest level of academic instruction. All tutoring is free and open to every student within the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at IU. Do not hesitate to contact Psi Chi for help. A Psi Chi executive will provide further instruction once a match is made.

Request a Tutor

Send an email here including your name, the class(es) with which you need help, and the name of the professor(s).

*NOTE: Most of our tutors sign up to help with introductory through medium level courses. Although we cannot guarantee a tutor for upper level courses, it doesn’t hurt to ask!

Become a Tutor

Send an email here including your name, the classes for which you would be willing to act as a tutor, and the professors you had for those classes.

*Psi Chi reserves the right to request a transcript confirming your grade for the selected courses.

If you have any questions please email psichi@indiana.edu.